You deserve to be healthy, wealthy and happy, 
and to feel like you're winning in every area of your life. 

Your life and everything that you have in it is a reflection of who you are, so if you want to have more in your life, you have to become more than you are.





It's difficult to succeed in the game of life if you're not a champion in personal leadership. This means to be psychologically, emotionally and physically fit.
Being life-fit means having extraordinary energy and a winning attitude, and requires winning strategies, guidance and mentoring.

In your Best Life Community, I will coach you on how to deploy the best habits for your mental, emotional and physical fitness, provide you with the most effective tools and exercises, connect you with the greatest teachers and experts and advise you on the best winning strategies for your life.
I will support you in the most important areas of personal leadership, giving you education, motivation, inspiration and so much more. 
You deserve to be fit healthy, wealthy, and happy. and to feel like you're winning in every area of your life. 

I've made it happen for myself. and I've made it happen for thousands of other people, now it's your time. What are you waiting for? Make the commitment take action, and let me help you reach the highest level of personal performance and fully own your life. Your Best Life Community is how you will make it happen.
“JP regularly takes CEOs, athletes and celebrities out of their comfort zones and into better, more meaningful lives. These 
high-achieving people aren’t easy to work with.” 
Daniel Priestley
“Very courageous and brave. The Journey that JP has been on is something we can all learn from and will help a lot of people”
Jay Shetty
“JP is one of the leading coaches in the world, he has the ability to not only show us linear strategic moves, but also ways to make life better, stronger, and more exciting.”
Lisa Nichols
“He’s my own personal Tony Robbins.”  - Mary Buffett
“He’s my own personal Tony Robbins.”  - Mary Buffett
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